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Travelling Tips when you visits Phillipines for Holidays

The Philippines has many enchanting destinations that attract the attention of tourists to visit them.

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There are several things that must be considered when visiting the Philippines, including;

1. Language

If you plan to travel to the Philippines, you don’t need to worry because almost 90% of Filipinos can speak English and are quite fluent. Therefore, fellow travelers can communicate without hesitation.

2. Avoid Rainy Session

The Philippines is a tropical country and is prone to typhoon storms. Heavy rains can cause flooding in certain areas in a short period of time. Therefore, for fellow travelers who want to schedule a vacation to the Philippines, you can take it during the summer, which is around March to June.

3. Prioritize visiting safe destinations

Security is the most important thing in traveling to other countries. Therefore, fellow travelers must take care of themselves to prevent unwanted things.

some areas in the Philippines are categorized as less safe for travelers from abroad. Therefore, fellow travelers must prepare everything well from planning to destination goals

4. Tasting street food in the Philippines

In the Philippines, many foods are quite tasty and inexpensive, and include local foods such as bananas, potatoes, or porridge. However, it would be nice for fellow travelers to always be careful in choosing food so that unwanted things don’t happen. Make sure the food is halal and know whether the food served is hygienic or not.

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